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Find out what makes Jut Right weight loss program different from other weight loss plans

There are so many weight loss plans, some are crazy or some don’t work for everybody. Eating a very low calorie diet, starving or intense exercising becomes impossible to sustain and people give up easily.

Dr. Bharathi has set up a weight loss program that is unique. The program is a scientifically proven approach that gets results. Creating a personalized plan, she guides you to making sustainable behavior changes step by step. Incorporating smart eating solutions, setting realistic weekly goals and fitness targets with 24 X 7 support and motivation from the team, losing weight becomes easy. With the wellness plan following weight loss, you can successfully maintain your weight as well.

Client's Testimonial

Dr. Bharathi’s customized program is focused on not just achieving drastic weight loss quickly but undergoing a healthy, lifestyle change, so gradually that it almost becomes a part of life. Debleena lost 22 kgs.

I had never exercised before and wondered if I will ever lose weight. Dr. Bharathi worked on my fitness gradually and helped me stay committed to the program even during tough times. Aparna lost 10 kgs.

My initial reach to the personalized plan was ‘can it be so simple’. Dr. Bharathi’s constant motivation helped me stay on track. Arun lost 6 kgs.

With Prader willi syndrome, controlling hunger was impossible. When I met Dr. Bharathi, I learned how to manage hunger and make walking more regular in my life. Only she believed I could and I made it possible. Preksha lost 7 kgs.

Where were you all this while? I would have had a better life if I had met you much earlier. Along with weight loss Dr. Bharathi also helped us realize how valuable we are, being 56 yrs was never a hindrance to this program. Sushma lost 6 kgs.